Thursday, 10 April 2008

P is for Perambulator

Today, I was nowhere near all that misery I used to wallow in. Today, I know that miracles and magic exist in the world. Today, my husband locked me out of the house because I was so revoltingly gassy, it was putrid. I collapsed in fits of laughter at the front door, and promised I would stop farting just LET ME IN or I will wet myself. Today I got my brand new stroller delivered by courier because I did IVF and got pregnant and the baby is coming soon. We all rejoiced in the brand new charcoal and red beautifulness of our purchase. Fuck I'm so blessed.


Gemini Girl said...

Oh, pregnancy gas! My husband wanted to kill me.

But aside from that, I cannot believe that the stories you are telling was who you were. Sometimes you have to hit bottom to get to the top again.
My grandfather was an alcoholic. He would beat my grandmother regularly. My father was the only one of his 9 siblings that tried to stop this, so of course, he was beaten as well. He was locked in a closet, and slept on the floor. He was bit in the face by mice- the scar still visible. Alcohol can ruin a family. Can ruin lives. I am surprised at just how "normal" my dad is with a childhood like his.
I applaud you for being strong and for getting over your deamons. If you wouldnt have been through it, you wouldnt have been a good match for your hub, and your two beautiful children would not have been created.

So proud of you.
BTW- You are still beautiful.

Fertilized said...

I just love reading your posts. I love that you are so gratefully aware of what you have tackled anmd still so unaware on how much impact you have on others! It's humbling for me to read. I think you are so far beyond amazing.

as for revolting gas - my husband announced to the company a few days ago that our cat box stank so incredibly bad, he went to look to see if they didn't cover it up ....... Later I had to tell him that it was me - not the cat box ...

Diana said...

WOW, for being so open and sharing all this with us. you have made it soooo far. It's amazing what a human spirit can do and what depths it can pull you out of.

Geohde said...


I think the fact that you've been through all that stuff and pulled it together out the other side is a testament to YOU. Very impressive, m'dear.

Now just stop farting, okay? :)