Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Sore Finger + Friendly Doctor = Obstetric Ultrasound

Don't you love it when you go to the doctors for a sore finger .... and walk out with an ULTRASOUND REFERRAL. Yes! I get to see Monkey again, for the first time in 15 weeks!! I haven't booked an appointment for it yet. I feel so relieved. I still haven't, in all of this time, truly, really felt and believed that I will be bringing a baby home. My stupid fears and worries get in the way. Especially when Monkey kicks and twirls around in there, and I get so worried about him/her getting tangled up in the cord.

I went to the local GP to get my finger looked at, it's very sore and swollen so of course I believe it to be the onset of arthritis. He was so nice, said that it's probably fluid retention from being pregnant (d'oh! of course!) ... and it should go back to normal. Also, I broke that finger in Year 6, so it's had previous damage. So sitting in his office, chatting away to the doc, I confessed my concerns about Monkey and how I wish I could have a scan ... and voila! With a flourish he'd scribbled out a referral. He was embarrassed at how grateful I was!

Last night, me, Tiger and Mr TC were eating dinner. Now, as soon as I start eating these days, Monkey goes apeshit (ha - get it) and starts doing a freaking breakdance. Takes after Mr TC already!! During dinner I said "Ohhhhhh, man ..... seriously, it feels like a fish flipping around in a bucket." Mr TC visibly blanched, put down his fork and told me to stop turning him off his dinner. Tiger pisses himself laughing, saying "You're the bucket mum!! If the baby is the fish, then you're the bucket!! HA HA HA YOU'RE THE BUCKET." I laughed maniacally with him. It's like dinner at the freaking Simpsons sometimes.

So we have the beginnings of a baby room taking shape. I have bags and bags of baby clothes to wash and start putting away. I have had a bouncer, baby bjorn, bath, bassinette, and a cot (thank you, Rex!!) .... all given to me. So basically all the baby items, we haven't paid a cent for, which I remind Mr TC constantly. The only thing is, I wanted a new pram, and a new baby carseat. Did I mention you get paid for having a baby in Australia? $4267 (I know, weird number. But hey - free money!) Last year before even looking in to IVF, I promised that money to Mr TC, on the condition that he goes overseas with a mate. I wanted him to still feel "free", because I know that - well, he had the snip and was finished with babymaking forever. Until his wife's clucking got so loud, it drowned out all other voices and he agreed. I will never know what it's like for a man to beg me to have his babies, but, so what? I'm not complaining. I have everything I want/need. My latest pregnancy ailment is a sore FINGER, for Christs sake. I know how lucky I am.

Anyway, so after looking in 10 million pram shops and not being satisfied with any of them, I found it on the net, shining like a beacon of hope. The most shiniest, newest, coolest, lightest pram in all the world. At a mere $500. I know that's a lot of money - but we haven't spent a cent on a fully furnished baby room. Mr TC was trying to talk me into a second-hand navy Mountain Buggy which was 5 years old. I watched his lips moving as he talked about how great it was .... all I thought was "We are SO getting the Maclaren." Umm, I appear to have slipped and shown how shallow I am .... moving right along ...

Actually, that's it. I love this daily blogging. Todays letter is P - for the Picture of the new Pram ... for the new baby, that's apparently headed our way in a mere 40+ sleeps. I'll believe it when I see it.



Fertilized said...

LOVE IT! You deserve that! and a u/s to boot! Sorry for the sore finger

Chas said...

Pram = stroller....I wouldn't have known that w/out the picture.

Diana said...

Very nice pram!!!

Geohde said...

Enjoy the scan :)

Hope they have time to make the appt before you give birth, my u/s practice book out way ahead, which is a total pain. Item: my 18 week scan at nearly 20.