Monday, 21 April 2008

S is for Surreal ...

...... I just finished hanging my washing out to dry in front of the fire. Nothing unusual about that ... except the adorable onesies, teeny socks, and divine new bodysuits (thanks Tee!!) all hanging on the rack.

Goodness gracious.

We have exactly thirty more sleeps to go until touchdown, unless Monkey decides to come early. Lately, in the brief moments between sleep and awake, I have seriously freaked out. But now I feel much more calm about it.

I once read somewhere that for a woman to have a baby; she must go down, down, into the underworld. I think I'm on my way. It's scarily delicious.


Geohde said...

The countdown continues, getting close now :)


Wordgirl said...

I love that description! I really enjoy reading your blog -- (and btw --loved your sister's scarf :) )

I'll be sitting next to G and say "and then Topcat wrote about laser vs. scalpel and added a graphic of luke skywalker's light-saber..."

He doesn't understand completely how comforting it is to stumble across people you think understand you...and, had it been a different world and we'd ended up as neighbors somewhere, would be friends.

My best to you in these next sleeps...I'm so excited for you.

Is that weird?



Chas said...

You washed the baby clothes, eh? Your mom would be so proud, lol.

Fertilized said...

getting so close! wow and the stuff is already washed!

Gemini Girl said...

BTW- Is tee's son wearing a shirt that says "Tiger" below? Thats pretty funny.
I dont know her in real life. Im not that interesting.