Thursday, 3 April 2008

A is for Awakening

I feel deliciously, silently excited. Booked an ultrasound for Tuesday, only 5 more sleeps and I can't wait. I told Mr TC that I want him and Tiger there too, and promised that I will tell the technician that we really, really don't want to know the sex. We've come so far, it would be a shame to spoil the surprise now, but I might be able to tell anyway! (Part of me is DYING to know).

It's the oddest thing. I suddenly feel like I have just found out that I'm pregnant. Amazing that, months ago, I was sweating on implantation. And now, the size of the tiny embie that implanted - is smaller than Monkeys toenail. The Universe is incredible.


Evil Stepmonster said...

Oh Topcat! I'm so excited that you're excited! Honestly this post is so gorgeously warm and fuzzy, I've gone all goosebumpy. You so deserve to feel this way.

Geohde said...

It never ceases to spin me right out that my current uterine residents were tiny icicles and THEY survived.

Not long now until you meet Monkey :)


Gemini Girl said...

you have to go and make me cry?

Its funny, I often wondered the same thing when I knew I was having twins. Would I love one more than the other.. could I really love two equally?

I wrote about this fear in my early blogs. My dear friend Karen from role playing with kids said that I should not worry- that i woldnt realize just how much love i would have for each of them seperatly. You will love them equally, but in such a different way. I can lecture you, since I am a mother of two... haha, weird to say.
I am so anticipating monkey's arrival. I will probably be in israel when it happens- which will be the reason that I wont blog and post- but I will def be thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful post!

My sister cried for months thinking that there was no way she would have enough love for a second child. She loved her first born so much, that she knew it wasn't physically possible to give anywhere near that much love to another. After her second child was born she said that she couldn't even imagine how she had lived her life without this baby. She definitely found the love and then some. I can tell you that those are two very very loved children (and equally loved I'd say).