Wednesday, 16 April 2008

D is for Dumb

New rule when you are a day off 35 weeks pregnant :


I'm actually quite worried. My tummy is SO hard, and sore and weird. I can't even write much, because I'm not getting up to get my laptop cord and the battery is about to die.

Mr TC was at the gym, we just got a load of firewood, and it was about to rain. Should have just let it rain on the fucker.

Adios for now.


Gemini Girl said...

First of all, you are not superwoman! Dont do those things! The morning before I went into pre term labor, I climbed on a chair to hanga happy birthday sign for my husband- while my mother screamed at me for doing so. I'm not saying your going into pre term labor= Im just saying sit on your arse lady.
BTW- To comfort you... if you were going into labor- your little one would be just fine. 35 weeks is completley ok.
Let us know what happens!
call your smelly doctor!

Pamela said...


I'm sort of jealous that you HAVE a woodpile -- but I won't stop thinking about you until I hear good news from your side of the world.


Fertilized said...

Hey Wonder Woman - Take it easy! Thinking of you and Monkey