Wednesday, 23 April 2008

G is for Grateful

Last year, a day before my big scary amnio, I bumped into a woman who I kind of know from around town but not really. She's pretty and blonde, and we realised we were both pregnant. So we get chatting. I was around 8 weeks more pregnant than her. She had already had two kids, I started telling her all about the amnio fiasco and how shit scared I was. I remember she said "Oh my God, I can't imagine having an amnio. That's horrible." (I agreed).

Anyway, I haven't seen her since. Today I was reading the local paper, and there in the death section was the most heartbreaking news. She had her baby two weeks ago, a little girl who lived for 29 hours. I don't even know this woman very well ... I just know how excited she was to be pregnant again. No-one deserves to go through things like this. I just don't understand.

I had been having a lousy day, until Mr TC rang and told me he was coming home to pick Tiger up so that I could go do an AA meeting. (Unheard of). And, he sent an apprentice home to start painting the babys room. Mr TC hates the colour I chose .... I think it looks wonderful. (It's called Silver Snow, a really light, fresh pale green).

I have nothing to complain about today. Absolutely nothing.


B said...

That is such sad news.

Chas said...

Those are the kind of things that make me sick to my stomach when I hear them. Ugg. I'm so sorry for that mommy.

Gemini Girl said...

so sad for her.

unfortunatly it take hearing news like that to really realize you have nothing to complain about. But you have been great- you have appreciated and hardly ever complained throughout this pregnancy.

Who cares if he doesnt like the color- its your choice not his (stick your tounghe out when you say it)!

BTW- Is it too much to ask for a nursery pic?