Monday, 28 April 2008

I is for Incredulous

We have put a single bed in the baby's room, so that if I'm up all night I can sleep in there and Mr TC can get some sleep in our bed ...

Mr TC: (Bouncing up and down on said bed, noticing how squeaky it is ..) "Well, it'll do. But we won't be able to root on it."

("Root" is Aussie slang for having sexual relations).


Gemini Girl said...

you guys are so "cheeky".

We have a double bed in the nursery. That bed saved us! We fall sleep there feeding the girls, and we play with them on the bed. The bed, in my opinion is very necessary.

Fertilized said...


Chas said...

Oh dear...when I first read the quote by Mr. TC, somehow I totally missed that it was him saying it and thought it was, that was pretty disturbing until I realized who really said it, lol.

Geohde said...

Yes, because the very thing a tired new mother needs is a shag after being up all night!



Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!!!!!

Mr. W and I are going to put a bed in the nursery, too. It'll probably be used by him more than me (so I can actually get some sleep...he'd sleep through a marching band).